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I am trying to research my grandfathers service with the KOYLI. He was Pte Thomas Shuttleworth 205623 and served overseas with the 2/5th, 7th & 2/4th KOYLI respectively. As Ancestry are not yet up to "S", I have no idea whether his service records have survived, so to try and get an idea of when he was posted overseas I have been looking at the surviving records of two other KOYLI men with close numbers to his, ie: 205624 & 205634.

My question relates to their posting imediately after being mobilized in July 1917. Both are shown as being 4 KOYLI. They get to France in early December, but the units they join are different to grandads first unit the 2/5th. I have read all the pages on the LLT relating to enlistment, training etc but have got myself a bit confused. Am I right in thinking that as their numbers are from the batch allocated to the 2/4th, that the "4 KOYLI" on the service records is that unit ?. If so, as the 2/4th were in France at that time, where would they have been sent for basic training ?. There is no indication of attachment to any other unit that I can see, although the records are not easy to interperet.

Hope I`ve explained my confusion ok, would appreciate any advice from the experts out there !.

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