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Rick Duiven has passed away

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It is my sad duty to inform the forum of the passing away of my old friend and partially my mentor, author Richard 'Rick' Duiven.

His wife Lin and two daughters stay behind.

Rick lived at Cupertino, California and had been ill for the past year. He knew it was a battle he could not win.

It is a very big personal loss and for all of us researching the WW I aerial warfare.

Rick was co-author of some extraordinary books concerning WW I Aviation, such as The Jasta Pilots, The Jasta War Chronology, Casulaties of the German Air Service and Schlachtflieger.

Sincere condolences to his family.

Blue skies my friend !

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Sad news....more knowledge about WW1 that Richard knew passes on where no-one can retrieve it...RIP


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