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casualty clearing station query


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I believe my soldier may have been sent to 2/1st South Midland Division C.C.S. on 31st September 1916.

From what I can gather from the internet this may well have been No. 61 C.C.S. Recmenil Farm.

Can anyone confirm this is the one, and more importantly where is it (it should be near Ovillers)

Thanks for any help.

Billy H.

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Billy H

61 CCS WAS at Recmenil Farm during the Battles of the Somme,as part of Fourth Army medical services.

You could find out precisely where it was from it's War Diary which is at Kew under WO95/501 and runs from May 1916 to May 1919,though it wasn't in the same place all that time.

It may be impossible to say that your soldier went there,unless you have info from a Service Record or other paper evidence. There are no medical records left for this CCS,according to MH106 at Kew.

Whilst CCS were tied to an Army they would have treated whoever arrived,so didn't just deal with their own Army's Divisions.

You may want to post some details of your soldier,it might help.


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Here is a bit of an Order of the Director of Medical Services of the Reserve Army (later 5th Army) listing the Casualty Clearing Stations clearing the Resrve Army at that time.


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61 CCS was at Recmenil Farm from 16.7.1916 to 4.3.1917. It was known as South Midland CCS.

And where is Recmenil Farm? Why only self inflicted woulds or infectious cases? Or, am I reading it wrong?



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  • 5 years later...

What does infectious and self inflicted wounds mean? I am researching a man who was with this unit and am curious as to what this implies.

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