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corporal charles henry taylor 9118 ,2nd battallion essex


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Hi all , I'm trying to find out when this man was injured , he died of wounds on the 24th november 1914 , just wondered if any one had access to the war diaries to see if he was mentioned on any date as being wounded , and where

many thanks in advance


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OR casualties are almost never mentioned in the 2Bn Diaries. Extract below courtesy of GransonMichael of the forum. I suspect that he was probably wounded at Le Gheer.

Mon., Oct 19, 1914 ARMENTIÈRES, FRANCE

6. a.m.

Ordered to be ready to move after 9 a.m. – Bn. with Inniskillings formed into Divisional Reserve.

[ Map Belgium Sheet 1]


Left billets & marched via HOUPLINES to take up original position near Pt. 63 - arrived at CHATEAU & found ground & billets occupied by 1st Cavalry Div. – moved back to PLOEGSTEERT in reserve and billeted.

--- signed G.M. Tufnell, Major, O.C. 2nd Bn Essex Regiment.


6. a.m.

Front line held by Inniskilling Fusiliers – Kings Own – Lancashire Fusiliers – heavily


attacked, ordered to hold 2nd line trenches

B & C Companies [changed in text to C] sent to CHATEAU.


D Co ordered to FARM. ¼ mile N of A in WARNAVE R. [ R. = RIVER] to support King Own & Lanc. Fusiliers.

4. p.m.

A & B Companies ordered to P 63.

Re-inforced during night by 1 Co Somerset L.I.

D Company under Major Moffitt was left at Farm ¼ N of A in WARNAVE. R. Two platoons under Major Moffitt were moved about 5.30 to LEGHEER in support of 9th Lancers.

--- signed G.M. Tufnell, Major, O.C. 2nd Bn Essex Regiment.

(Insert map Burrows, page 114: The Combat of Le Gheer,)

Wed., Oct 21, 1914 FLANDERS, BELGIUM

6. a.m.

Heavy attack on LEGHEER – which was taken by enemy - and recaptured by counter attack in which 2 platoon of D Company took part.

3. p.m.

B Company ordered to PLOEGSTREERT

5.30 p.m.

Headquarters & A Company ordered to MESSINES to support 1st Cav. Div.

8. p.m.

Arrived MESSINE & took over line from 5th Dragoon Guards.

--- signed G.M. Tufnell, Major, O.C. 2nd Bn Essex Regiment.

Movements of D Co 21.10.14

No’s 13 & 15 platoons (Major Moffitt)


6. p.m.

Billeted on arrival at LE GHEER in rear 9th Lancers.

5. a.m.

……. In E edge of BOIS de PLOEGSTEERT & commenced entrenching.


Attack commenced –ordered to support 9th Lancers. - No 15 Platoon sent to S E edge of wood & placed in …….. & wood - Major Moffitt wounded – C.S.M. Moss command No 15 platoon & Sgt. Barton took over command No 13 on Sgt Porter being hit – both platoons were enfiladed by machine guns. – No 13 moved forward with 9th Lancers – No 15 moved forward with E. Lanc Rgt. – wood cleared – LE GHEER Re-occupied & forward trench – Enemy charged No 13 platoon 3 times but were driven back. - Major Abadie 9th Lancers reported to the Commanding Officer that No 13 Platoon had behaved magnificently.

No 14&16 Platoons

6 a.m.

Ordered to support Kings Own – occupied trenches of left flank of Kings Own. – Lt. Vance killed attempting to lead a section to more advanced position – 2 Lt. Pearce sent out in front to cover advance of remainder – has not been seen since. – Sgt. Stevenson & Sgt. Sharpley , after their officers were killed, fell or missing placed themselves under command of an officer Kings Own & did good work.

Casualties D Company – 1 officer killed – 1 officer wounded – 1 officer missing 66 NCO’s & men killed wounded or missing.

--- signed G.M. Tufnell, Major, O.C. 2nd Bn Essex Regiment.

Thu., Oct 22, 1914 FLANDERS. BELGIUM

5. a.m.

Attacked at MESSINES but not heavily – attack repulsed – Lt. Waller wounded.

8. p.m.

Attacked by machine guns on motorcars after infantry - attack repulsed.

--- signed G.M. Tufnell, Major, O.C. 2nd Bn Essex Regiment.

Fri., Oct 23, 1914 FLANDERS, BELGIUM

5.30 a.m.

Handed over trenches to 1st Connaught Rangers (Indian Division) & marched 1 mile NW of MESSINES to support of 1st Cav. Div.

4.30 p.m.

Left for LE BIZET to join 12th Bde. Hdqrs marched via WULVERGHEN

6.15 p.m.

Arrived at LE BIZET – issued supplies on roadside.

7. p.m.

Marched to CHAPELLE D’ARMENTIER & took over trenches from 3rd Rifle Bde. & N. Stafford Regt – trenches ran from G of BOULOUGNE – railway on N – very bad position – attacked as soon as relief was finished – attack repulsed.

--- signed G.M. Tufnell, Major, O.C. 2nd Bn Essex Regiment.

Sat., Oct 24., 1914 ARMENTIÈRES , FRANCE

Sniped all day – several casualties.

--- signed G.M. Tufnell, Major, O.C. 2nd Bn Essex Regiment.

Following extracts from Essex Regiment Gazette may be of interest:

9118 Taylor Charles Henry Pte 2BN D Coy JUL 11 classified as marksman

9118 Taylor Charles Henry Pte 2 24.3.11 Awarded 2 Cert Ed at Curragh

9118 Taylor Charles Henry Pte 2 11.8.11 App unpaid LCpl

9118 Taylor Charles Henry LCpl 2 APL 12 To Paid Establishment



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many thanks owen the extracts from the regiment gazette will be of interest , im looking up any info on this soldier for a neighbour of mine , all help is much appreciated

regards Dave

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