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Passchendaele: The Belgians Have Not Forgotten

lauren mckenzie

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Passchendaele: The Belgians Have Not Forgotten

This exhibition focuses on how the memories of New Zealand still live on in Flanders today, 90 years after the devastating conflict that cost so many young kiwi lives.

These memories are brought to life through images, movies and artefacts.

New Zealand lost more men during the 100 days of fighting than any other commonwealth country ­ 845 on one day alone during the First Battle of Passchendaele, October 12th, 1917.

The people of Flanders and, more widely, the people of Belgium have never forgotten this sacrifice, which is commemorated in this very special exhibition.

Passchendaele: The Belgians Have Not Forgotten will tour New Zealand between March and November 2009.

Visit our blogspot: http://thebelgianshavenotforgotten.blogspot.com


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The people of Belgium are magnificent in their appreciation for what was done to defend their country in WWI. The daily Last Post Ceremony at Menin Gate in Ypres is a magnificent example.

And now, they are taking it to our mates in New Zealand. What a magnificent job the Kiwis did and they have a reason to be very proud.

Hold you heads up high, your boys did a magnificent job, both in terms of the percentage of the population who volunteered as well as your level of sacrifice.

Whenever I pass a New Zealand grave in France and Belgium, I always grasp the headstone and say hello to a new mate.


Peter (one of your Aussie mates)

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