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MIC description of rank


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Just exploring a possible ID.

I have taken delivery of an original printing of a battalion history published in 1920 (Bales History of the 1/4th Duke of Wellingtons Regiment 1914 - 1919), and at the front it has an inscription

"To R.Q.S.M.W.Aspinall"

The only candidate I can find in the Ancestry MICS is listed as 201099 Walter Aspinall serg. who served from 16.10.14 to 22.6.18 in the Dukes. He doesn't feature in the list of non comms in the book.

How would the MIC of a RQSM describe his rank? Would it just be as sergeant?


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As the History is post War it is quite possible he had risen to than position post 1918,after the cessation of Hostilities??

being a Sergeant during his overseas service.

201099 is a TF 6 figure number

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Apiologies. I am a rotten typist. The dedication is to R.Q.M.S.W. Aspinall.

His Granddaughter now confirms that he was a Wilfred Aspinall, and believes that he left the army at the end of the war. That makes the ID even more of a challenge as I can find only

Name: Wilfred Aspinall

Regiment or Corps: West Riding Regiment

Regimental number: 267432

Who was a corporal according to his medal card.

There seems to be no other information from the family, so I cannot verify the regimental number. Maybe there was a longer serving W Aspinall. The book was published in 1920, but the inscription is undated and unsigned.


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