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Alexander Roach Armed Pioneer (Labour Corps) WWI


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This is my first posting so apologies if I ask some basic questions. I've been involved in genealogy for a number of years but my experience on Military history is limited. I have already reviewed the companion site (long long trail) for information, but I've hit a bit of brickwall.

My grandfather was Alexander Roach b1890 Liverpool. He served in the Labour Corps during WWI. The only evidence I have to back this up is his medal card:

Name Alexander Roach

Corps: L413 C

Rank: Private

Reg No: 257521

Victory: LC/101/392, page 9284

British: ditto

The rest of the medal card is blank.

My grandfather died in 1964, the year before I was born, so the stories I've heard have been passed down through my parents. Apparently, he said he was an armed pioneer? He joined the corps because of his poor eye sight (he wore glasses). I don't know where he was located and what he did, apart from a couple of stories, apparently he was a medical orderly, but also he was involved in burial duties, collecting bodies etc. I don't know whether this is correct or not, apparently there was a song they sang "oh order the orderly, oh the orderly way".

I've been through ancestry and been unable to find further information.

I'd appreciate it if anyone can provide further information as to what he did or where he was located. The corps number L413 C, the 4 could be a h.

Thanks, Alan

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The corps number L413 C, the 4 could be a h.


Welcome to the forum.

The Labour Corps are notoriously difficult to research but there is a forum member (Ivor Lee) who is the resident expert, hopefully he'll be along sometime soon to help as he may be able to glean something from the service number.

Alternatively you could try contacting him through his website.... http://www.geocities.com/labour_corps/

Just for your information, what you're reading as L413 C is actually LAB C or Labour Corps.



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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the quick response - yes it does look like LAB C.

I'll wait to see if I get any more responses, if not, I'll try contacting Ivor Lee via the website.

Cheers, Alan

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