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"Time Serving"

Northern Soul

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I'm looking at a page from the Medal Roll of the South Lancs Regiment. The men listed on the page are not ascribed to any particular battalion of the South Lancs but at the top it says: (Time Serving) south Lancashire Regiment.

It doesn't sound as if they were doing very much but I'd appreciate it if anyone could give me an official explanaition for what "Time Serving" actually meant and where they would likely to have been serving it - at the Regimental Depot?



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Is it a peacetime photo? I wonder if it's possibly old soldiers returned on the trooper from overseas, awaiting discharge - seeing out their Colour Service prior to going on the Reserve by serving their time with the Depot as they've been signed off the strength of the overseas Battalion but no point joining the Home Service one for what might be a relatively short peirod.

Just a thought.

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