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Medal card - (992.K.R.1923)

Gary Jucha

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I have this on a soldiers medal card:

V.M. only rtd (992.K.R.1923)

I assumed that the V.M only rtd. stands for "Victory Medal Retained"

Now the 992 K.R. ..

Would this be .... "Kings Regulations" number 992 ?

.. And if so, what is Kings Regulations 992 ?

Any help appreciated ..

Gary J.

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Thanks for the link ...

I read up the various replies to the post ...

It is interesting that the person I have questions about, received (His relatives that is !! he was KIA) his 14/15 star and BWM.

.. I assume that relatives claiming the medals would have automatically received what he was due, ...

.. That then leads on .... was there a cut-off time for claiming a "Death Plaque" ? or were these automatically sent to the bereaved ??

Thanks for the in put ..

Gary J.

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