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Officer in the 18th Durhams


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Hi All,

I have been researching the 18th DLI and there pathway through WW1. I have picked out a group of men (my great grandfather included) from the Medal Rolls and have attempted to follow their journey. This has been very straight forward up till now. The first casualty did not even make it out of his county, he was killed by German warship activity off the Tyne/Tees coastline in 1914.

The man I am unsure about is 2nd Lieut. Pringle Balmer, he was attached I think to his fellow 5th DLI and his path deviates from that of the 18th's. He is killed on 25th May 1918. I feel he was part of IX Corp with the 6th French Army at Aisne and Marne, these men seem to have been caught out by a massive German offensive from across the river.

Can anyone confirm this assumption? I will attach his MIC, as it may be of help.




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He is remembered on the Soissons memorial.


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