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Sinkings by Q Ships


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It`s heartening to read of U-boats sunk by what they thought was a defenceless steamer. The biter bit. Is there a list of such sinkings?

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Thanks gents. The ratio of number of Q ships to U-boats sunk is actually quite low. A further query - what`s the smallest weapon with which a ship could reasonably take on a U-boat? 6 inch guns seemed popular but wouldn`t something much smaller be quite effective. It only needs to puncture the pressure hull?

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The list overstates the number of U-boats sunk by Q-ships. None of the "possible" sinking claims are considered liley at this time. Severally are most certainly false.

The UC 72 sinking attribution to Acton has been rejected. There's also significant issues with the Privet/"U 85" action -- U 85 was not the U-boat involved -- that would have UC 68, and whether she was sunk is questionable.

Best wishes,


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It was not just with big guns!

One such encounter between the decoy fishing smack H.M.A.S. Inverlyon and UB-4 on 15th August 1915 resulted in the sinking of the German submarine. The U-Boat surfaced alongside the decoy smack and ordered the crew into the boats. At that point the smack opened fire with their 3 Pdr. gun and small arms and sank the submarine. The captain of the Inverlyon in his report stated “Greatest distance of the Submarine was 30 yards and closest range was 10 yards. 8 rifles were emptied and I fired 4 Revolvers and emptied a Winchester rifle.”

There was a good article on this incident in a recent "Britain at War" magazine.



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