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Add photographs to entries in CWGC?


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I wonder how feasible it would be to add a portrait photo, where known and available, to give additional commemoration to the fallen - their own individual piece of cyberspace.

Perhaps it could be done on a voluntary basis rather than adding to the magnificent work that CWGC already performs. Schools project? Royal British Legion?

Any thoughts anyone?

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Obviously such a project would require CWGC seeking the approval and extra financing from the member governments, to expand and reconfigure the database and to provide the management of any uploads.

Even if this could somehow be arranged, I am unsure how they would vet and confirm that a photo purporting to be of, say, Benjamin Hartley (see my signature) was, indeed, one of him and not some daft or malicious prank.

You are probably aware that the Commission has an arrangement with the War Graves Photographic Project which is working towards taking photos of all war graves. It may be that you would want to approach the Project to see if you can interest them in your idea, which might sit alongside their existing task. As a voluntary body, it has the flexibility to do whatever it chooses.


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Just to add to John's post regarding the CWGC fallen.

It does not matter what,Creed,Colour or Religion,they belong to.

We live in an Affluent Society,but why,would we wish to post photographs of individual Men,who died in a comon War?

If you can guarantee you had photographs of all the Indians,West Indians,Chinese,Eygptians,etc who died serving the British Crown I would support your view but until then,leave well alone.


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