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Naval Officers on p.s.c. at Camberley?

Jonathan Saunders

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Ian Beckett in Johnnie Gough VC refers to an annual enrolment on the p.s.c. of two Naval students from 1906.

Does anyone know which Naval officers attended at Camberley, how long this arrangement lasted and what impact this had on their careers, particularly during the Great War?

Thanks in advance,

Jonathan S

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In 1908 Captains Norman Craig Palmer, Herbert John Savill, Commanders A. K. Jones, H. C. R. Brocklebank went to study at the Staff College.

In 1910, three went on the course; Captains Victor Gallafent Gurner, Alexander Percy Davidson, John Saumarez Dumaresq. Dumaresq died in command of the Australian Station. Gurner and Davidson both made Vice-Admiral. After the war the practice was to send two Commander to Camberley for a year I believe.

I'm not sure if the Royal Navy officers had to take the competitive exam, but I don't think so. Royal Marine Light Infantry officers certainly did.

The War College at Portsmouth and the Staff College undertook joint tours as early as 1908.


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