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Princess Mary Tin

Guest KevinEndon

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Just compared it with mine: head is part of the original pressing, not stuck on. Also, an "M" on each side of head and "Christmas 1914" beneath, same as the one in pic by tocemma, above



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2 hours ago, Sam M said:

Sorry just tried to quote yours and reply - will try again. Do you think the Queen Mary head was embossed on an upper sheet of metal thats lifted off and got lost?

The centre is part of the sheet so would need to be cut out. Your example strikes me as a tin that had the princess's head cut out and been replaced maybe by a locket photo of a serviceman which has been lost over the years...?

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Thanks for your replies - its appreciated. Ive got hold of the seller and hes said the tin was his grandads and that they have the head somewhere. The tins very very worn so maybe it thinned and dropped out? Im hoping they will find it so its complete. Ive bought it as a gift and it will be well looked after. The seller has given me the history of it which is very humbling. Nice to know its genuine as after lookung online I can see there were fakes and replicas in circulation. 

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