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Midshipman killed at Jutland


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Grateful for help

Midshipman Cyril Henry Gerald Summers (aged 17) was KIA on HMS Indefatigable at the Battle of Jutland on 31 May 16.

Any suggestions about where I could find more info on his service

Many thanks

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It contains useful detail including DoB, father 's name, initial appointments and description.

Thanks for the steer


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lucky me!

details are:

Born 18 Apr 1899 probably at Leighton Buzzard. Entered training Jan 1912; seniority as midshipman 2 Aug 1914; served in London until Jan 1916. Appointed to the Indefatigable on 17 May 1916. KIA 31 May 1916


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  • 2 weeks later...

His father served at Gallipoli - but didn't pick up the details of his service

Can you explain?

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From The Times:

The Times, Tuesday, Jun 06, 1916

MIDSHIPMAN C. H. G. SUMMERS was the only child

of Captain Frank Summers, D.S.C., and Mrs. Summers,

of Padbury, Buckingham, and was 17 years of age.

He was educated at Wixenford, Wokingham, and

became a cadet at Osborne in 1912. Since the

outbreak of war he had served at the Dardanelles.

He was invalided last January, and only joined the

Indefatigable on May 22.

Should this thread be moved to the watery part of the forum?



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seniority as midshipman 2 Aug 1914; served in London until Jan 1916.

His Majesty's Ship London

Pictures: http://www.battleships-cruisers.co.uk/hms_london1.htm

War service:

5th Battle Squadron Channel Fleet.

March 1915 sent to the Dardanelles.

25 April 1915 supported landings.

22 May 2nd Detached Squadron Adriatic.

October 1915 refit at Gibraltar.


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His father served in the RM (1914 Star & Clasp), then RNAS followed by the army, ending up in the Tank Corps. That last bit I assume you knew. ;)

ADM 273/5 Page 520: Frank Summers. RNAS Officers Service

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Thanks for the help on the lad - tried to offer thankx this mroning but link didn't work

His father has a very interesting background. Son of a draper and hosier at Redhill, he went to South Africa as a youngster and served in (Rhodes) Chartered Coy Police during the expedition to reduce the rebellion in Matabeland in ‘93. Returned to the UK and married (date not yet found), his only son was born just beofre he went back to South Africa; commissioned 2 Feb 1900 and served as Lt in 14th (East Kent) Bn of the Imperial Yeomanry. Awarded South Africa medal with three clasps, he was Secretary to the Imperial Service Club on its foundation until its failure in 1905. Interesting investements in the 1900s lead to nothing. On the outbreak of war, he joined the Marines and served in Belgium and then the Dardenelles. Transfered to the Army and commanded D Coy HS MGC then F Bn at Ypres and Cambrai.

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