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I am new to this forum. My great-uncle, John T. Rogerson trained in Canada with the RFC, and then was an instructor during the war -- mostly at Hooton Park. There is a website at


detailing his aviation career. I have two photos that I am curious about. One shows him at the center of the scene, near his plane. There are numbers in the lower left corner of the postcard. I presume 27.8.17 is the date; he would have still been with the RFC in Canada at the time (Aug 27, 1917), but I am curious to know what the other numbers might mean - directly above the date is Y.2D4 or Y.204.

The other photo is simply one that I think depicts a very interesting scene -- a large room with 9 people, including an aviator, various maps, some papers titled "Approximate results" and "Air Intelligence" hanging on the walls - some kind of command/intelligence room. I am wondering if anyone might know where it was taken -- I can send it to you if you are interested or if this sounds vaguely familiar. I also have some other photos (e.g., one of Bristol Fighter F4413, another of Bristol monoplane C5000 (from Jan. 1919), some of the pilots Howsam and dePencier, and can try to describe/send others to anyone who might be interested).

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A fascinating story about a pioneering avaitor. Thanks for the link and good luck with the research. Phil.

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