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Army or Navy uniform


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Welcolm to the Forum.

I can't see any photo on your post which may be why you have no replies yet.

Try loaing it again.



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You've posted something but looking at its properties it is exceedingly small (some 3,000 bytes out of a possible 100,000) which may explain why what all we see is a white rectangle

Usually the forum doesn't allow one to post an attached image alone - you need to put some text in the post to attach it to - looks as if something drastic has happened. I'd take a deep breath and try again.

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I'm not sure but I think there may be a minimum number of posts before you can put up a picture? On the other hand, I could be talking rubbish.


What never?

Well hardly ever

Does illustrate what I've banged on about from time to time which is there is no obvious place to look these things up. I'm sure the rules have changed since I joined (but sitting back behind the lines in my splendid château quaffing fine wines and dining on the best of French cuisine these things pass one by). But it would be useful to have perhaps a pinned posting on the forum rules and tools.

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I've sent a pm to the poster to tell him about the blank pic and the possible need to put in some superfluous posts in order to qualify.


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