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I am desperate for a bit of local history about Drumnadrochit on Loch Ness. The son of a businessman called Macmillan (no other details) emigrated to Australia sometime before WW1. He joined up, fought at Gallipoli and dies at Cambrai in 1918. His father decided that IWGC was not for him and paid for a private grave in the cemetery in Cambrai (Porte de Paris).

I have written to four Macmillan families in Drumnadrochit, to the Inverness newspaper, and to the WFA chair of the local group (Near Nairn, I think).

I haven't had a peep from any of them. Is it my style? Am I asking for money? Am I going to sneak in an encyclopaedia puchase?

NO, as with us all we want to remember and it would be so interesting to know something about this devoted father.

Is there anyone with a copy of the local directories - does it have a builder called Macmillan who might have been well enough off for this?

Most grateful for any info before Easter trip to Cambrai

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Is this your man? CWGC has no Macmillans in Porte-de-Paris and only one McMillan. Some details seem to fit but the country is New Zealand and the parents seem to have emigrated there as well.

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Thanks Clive - Yes I got the wrong Antipodean bit. And its easy to mix up Mcs and Macs - I've had a lifetime of it!

I hadn't noticed that the parents' address was also NZ. Yet when the papers were drawn up with the Cambrai local authority, the buyer of the grave was only said to be 'Mr Mcmillan, entrepreneur, of Drumnadrochit'. No wonder I'm not getting much response from up there if they emigrated before WW1.

Rule: always start with CWGC.

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Maybe McMillan entrepreneur was the grandfather. Or could there be a Drumnadrochit in New Zealand? Did the parents name their house in New Zealand after Drumnadrochit and unwittingly cause confusion?

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Thank you both! There are plenty of routes to follow there, aren't there - the Scottish branch actually has a meeting at the drumnadrochit Highland Games, so surely........

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