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Hello all

I dunno if there are some modelbuilders around here who might be able to direct me to some models of WWI.

I know there are not many around and although I am a German WWII buff myself I do want to venture in some WWI modelbuilding.

Any ideas where to get them and what is available ?



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You didn't say what type of model i.e. army/navy/air here are a couple of





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A good and comprehensive supplier of models is


Of course it depends what you are looking for......

For WW1 Tanks look at Emhar (just search on manufacturer at Hannants) who do (as far as I can remember)


Whippet; Mk IV Male & Female & Mk. V tadpole and figures/artillery

A Mk. V and French Schneider are in the pipeline

in 1/72nd

Mk. IV male & female tanks; whippet tank (new to the range); German A7V tank infantry and artillery

Airfix also produce a Mk. I (complete with the wheels to the rear)

For Aircraft there is a vast selection - manufacturers include Roden (excellent detailed kits); Eduard (who also have a good reputation); Toko; SMER; Academy; Pegasus;Eastern Express; Blue Max; a few items from Revell. and Airfix (the latter's 1/72nd are mainly from old patterns and while not greatly detailed/accurate are cheap & cheerful, though SMER are probably better at the price.

If there is anything in particular you are looking for I might be able to provide a few further pointers.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the range of models that is available. Far more than you think.

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You might like to look at:


There are lots of articles, photographs, reviews and links to aspects of First World War modelling. There's a very strong aviation influence, but there are mentions of vehicles and other ground equipment.

I hope this helps.

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thank you all for taking the time to reply, I am really liking this forum :D

To be more precise, anything on scale 1/35 , I did some on 1/72 but I like the bigger stuff more since I am not the most handiest man around with those teenie weenie bits.

Also something I would like to know .... how do you take off old paint from a model ?

I have asked fellow Flemish modelbuilders but they don't know any english product names.

So something that clears paint but does not melt the plastic. Plz anyone ? :(

Will check all the links out you guys gave me

Thanks again !



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try oven cleaner to strip your models of paint; you can buy it in spray cans in the supermarket; you put the model in a plastic bag, spray it complete under with oven cleaner, close the bag and let rest for a night; most of the paint must be stripped by now; if there are some bits of paint still on the model, put the model under the watertap and clean with an old toothbrush. One warning : dont get any oven cleaner on your hands; it is a very dangerous substance

pascal bastiaens

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