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Bryan Spice

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Medal Card shows this soldier

- did not enter Theatre of War

- did not receive Victory Medal

- did receive British War Medal

BUT . . . (and see Attachement) does it state "Deserted" in the wording on the Card, and if so is the Army abbreviation that follows a "King's Regulation" type of circumstance or detail?

Thank you


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Hello Peckham,

No, the wording on the Medal Index Card does not refer to any King's Regulations.

It says "Rtd (Medal Returned) Deserted, CRV (Certified Returns Voucher) *17/B (Which is the unique number of that Voucher) on 2nd December 1922. The last bit is an Audit/admin number 7599 Adt.

This number, Adt 7599 is always repeated in the bottom right hand corner of the card. The other number NW/4/13949, is the file number for notes about the situation.

Regards Mike Jones

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