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Special Medical Board - Shellshock

Spud Trevor

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I've just downloaded the pension record of a lad, who was diagnosed as unfit for service due to Shell shock / Neurasthenia, this was following a special medical board held at Lancaster Gate. The records are quite detailed and make uncomfortable reading. They are stamped and subsequent reference is made to special medical board.

Were all medical boards classed as special or only those dealing with shell shock or other contenious issues ?



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A comparison with a local from my home town who was injured, and his service record is quite detailed in how his status changed over a period of a year untill he was discharged as medically unfit to be a soldier. He was involved in about 5 medical examinations for a gunshot wound to his right leg, and each examination was carried out by the RWF doctor at the Depot in Wrexham (an 18 mile train journey.) The MO annotated his record card, and no other personnel was involved. Card notes - "next medical board examination due 2nd October 16".

Seems to me that this was the usual and routine method. You may well be right - more complex cases may well bring in other specialists from whichever other fields, as required.

Diagnosing the degree or percentage of disability through shellshock (the criteria for pension related medical examinations) would perhaps be more difficult compared to a physical injury.

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