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T/Capt. Clarence Randolph Young, R.A.M.C.


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Dear Members of this forum: I am a Canadian residing in Truro, Nova Scotia. I had a Great-Uncle who, although although he was a Canadian, enlisted directly into the R.A.M.C. as a medical doctor. He served at many of the major battles in the War and received several decorations for gallantry in cluding the MC and two Bars and the DSO. I have reviewed the citations in the London Gazzette and the citation for his D.S.O. mentions that he was serving with the 1st Bat. K.S.L.I. in September 1918 when he earned that medal.

Because he enlisted with the British Forces there are absolutely no Canadian Military records regarding his service. There are apparently at least two books discussing the histories of those who were awarded the M.C. and Bar(s) however they do not appear to be in stock or otherwise available in Canada.

I am wondering whether he is mentioned in the History of the K.S.L.I. or whether there are any other sources of information that I would be able to access to obtain more information about his war record.

My mom remembers him well. He survived the war, married and moved to Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron where he practiced medicine until he died in 1954. He needed the fresh air due to the damage caused to his lungs when he was gassed in October, 1918. My mom was not aware of the number of medals he was awarded and it highlights the very little our family knows about his service in the War.

Any assistance anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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