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Belfast soldier info required

Terry Carter

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I am hoping one of the Belfast Forum members might be able to help me further. Trying to assist a friend of mine whose grandfather came from Belfast. His grandfather was Thomas Cullen of Cyprus Street, Belfast. (after WW1 he moved to Rockdale Street). I found his pension papers on Ancestry. He enlisted into 7th Leinsters on 8/2/15 and was transferred to what I thought was the 1st Royal Irish Regiment and then went to M.E.F. Gallipoli. Further checking I found this was the 1st Garrison Bn. R.I.R.

He claimed a pension, thus was he wounded? and any more details that might be uncovered.



Last page of his service papers. He was discharged from 7th Leinsters unfit but fit enough for garrison duty abroad.

Looks like I have all the info.

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Terry - have linked you to a relevant forum. Cyprus Street was/is part of the Falls District. A few years ago asking such a question might have posed difficulties. I hope I am right in saying that a genuine genealogical enquiry such as yours may well meet with a more measured and helpful response than it once would .. for obvious reasons.

On a tangent, but one which might prove helpful. I am off to find any linkages to a relatively new group in the are which has its primary focus on Connaught Rangers but whose membership, who are researching the effect of WW1 on Nationalist Belfast, may well be able to help.

Could I also suggest a post into the 'rootschat' forum/ sub section Belfast?

You never know.

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