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location of 1st Coldstream 3April 1916

Guest thwaitey2004

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Reckon the best source of detailed info is likely to be the Regimental war diaries.

I found that level of detail on the 7th Bedford Regiment from the Beds County Hall Archive people. who have their diaries on line. Would expect / hope te Coldsteams had their Diaries kept, but couldnt help with what County Hall they are likely to be under.... Wherever their Regiment was formed is prob gonna be the place to look?

Otherwise, the action he was KIA in may be included in some of the usual history of WW1 books? Worth a look if some are to hand?

Goos luck!


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I can email the war diary page. Did try and paste here but it didnt work ! can i ask why you are interested


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Guest Jimmy Knacky

Somewhere around White House Farm Cemetery - Essex Farm Cemetery - Menin Road Military Cemetery - Brandhoek Military Cemetery

Going by the comerades in the Coldstream Guards were buried a week either side of that.

I know its not foolproof ye doubters buts its a good indication.

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Guest Jimmy Knacky

First indacator SDGW get names either side by inserting dates from/to for the Regiment/Battalion.

In this case Coldstream Guards only had the one battalion (1st)

Then on to CWGC to find the burials.

Some will not be original burial plots but a hell of a lot will.

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