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Whilst researching other things, I encountered these six men of the CEF:

XERRI , CHARLES 446239 from Malta, enlisted Calgary April 1915

XIBRAS , CHARLIE 3315006, details unknown

XIQUES , FRANCIS XAVIER 3083933 from Cuba, enlisted Montreal April 1918

XUEREB , ANTONE 2379677, details unknown

XUEREB , LAWRENCE 4005185 from Malta, conscripted London June 1918

XUIEREB , LAWRENCE 2204145 from Malta, enlisted Victoria June 1917

It appears the Maltese language makes use of the letter X. Anybody else encountered any X-men?

Peter in Vancouver

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Many listed amongst the Medal Index Cards, seeing as you mention it.

I see men in Maltese units called Xicluna, Xiberras, Xuereb & Xerri. I think the "X" is pronounced in Maltese as as "sh" - so Xiberras is Shiberras.

I also see Xenophon, Xanthopoulos and Xanides amongst the Macedonian Mule Corps.

John (still in a cold & damp Stockport)

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