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A soldier commemorated on our village war memorial is listed as a member of the DCLI attd to military foot police. Were the military foot police a regimental police force responsible for discipline etc. within own unit? Or were they a branch of the Corps of military police?



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Garth - Really basic answer: The MFP and the MMP (mounted chaps) were the Corps of Military Police, RPs were soldiers who were used to police their own units.

My dad was a Regimental Policeman whilst in the Suez Canal Zone, he was in the East Surreys attached to British Army HQ; he worked alongside the RMP.

CMP was granted in the 'Royal' title in about 1946.

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The Corps of Military Police was not formed as a single corps until 1926 and so both the MFP and MMP were units in their own right during WW1.

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