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Rudolf Boor

Guest Herr

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Hello all

I have in my possesion some WWI items belonging to private Rudolf Boor, stamnumber 56 namely his Soldbuch and money of him of WWI.

I was unlucky on getting his medals though, some one else bought them before I could so this grouping was broken up.

I can hardly make anything out of the old fashioned German handwriting. Only that he was married and had 3 children.

He entered the German army on 13 october 1900 in infantry regiment von Huin ??? (3 Rhein) No 29.

And says he re-entered service on 5/8/1914.

He was rewared the Iron Cross 2nd Class and the last dates in his soldbuch are of 1918.

Then all traces vanish.

Any idea where I can find more out of him ?

I am sure the Soldbuch is full of usefull info , even what he looked like but I cannot read the handwriting.



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