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Kings Royal Rifle Corps


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I seem to recall on earlier threads that there was reference to chronicles for the above regiment covering the war years.

To assist with my war memorial research, please does anybody have access to these and would be kind enough to furnish me with details for around the following dates:-

18th Battalion - 14th October 1918

1st Battalion - 18th July 1915

12th Battalion - 20th November 1917

Thank you.


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Hi Chad,

The 1916 KRRC Chronicle entry for the 1st Bn doesn't help much:

"We rested in billets until the 13th, when the brigade moved up into the line, taking over the Givenchy section from the 5th Brigade. The brigade found itself in billets at Le Quesnoy. The Battalion took over the line near French Farm from the Royal Berkshire Regiment. A lot of work was needed in these trenches to make the parapets bullet-proof. There was some heavy shelling during the night, but very little damage was done.The three following days in the trenches were fairly quiet, and on the 20th the Battalion was relieved by the Berkshire Regt. at about 3 pm, and we went back into billets at Le Quesnoy."

The 1917 Chronicle gives a fairly lengthy summary of the 19/20 Nov. operations. Perhaps you can contact me offline.



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Guest mintydog

Can anyone help please?

Was there any recruitment for the KRRs in the Walthamstow area of London in 1914? Legend has it that my father was turned away because he was a bit young, 17. He went to the next Recruiting Centre and joined the Medics,

I just wondered if there was any truth in the family rumours.


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