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Guest Simon Bull

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Guest Simon Bull

I have discovered that there is a Second Lieutenant Benjamin Rambo from Illinois, killed September 28, 1918, buried at the Bony American Cemetery.

Does anyone know if this man was in any way the "inspiration" for the "Rambo" character played by Sylvester Stallone in the series of dire films of that name. The coincidence of name caught my eye.

Simon Bull

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The writer's commentary on First Blood: Special Edition mentions that the name "Rambo" came from a brand of apples of the same name. I haven't seen any Rambo apples in any grocery stores where I live. Apparently "Rambo" is also the Japanese word for "violence"

Years ago I seen a segment on a news program about a soldier named Rambo that was killed in action in the Vietnam War. The program mentioned that the movies were not based on the man who actually died in that war.

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