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Hi All,

researching a chap named Gaby who joined the RN as a fully qualified Telegraphist on the 12th of June 1908. One question i guess is this when this new branch started?

He came over from the Royal Marine Light Infantry as a Private, and kept his 1st Good Conduct Badge. I have his RN papers, but his previous ones? They give his Marine Number as PO/14306 but i can't find this in the Nat Archives so i must be doing something wrong. It also lists his prior occupation as not only a Private, but as a Tennis Marker? Never heard of that one?

Cheers DB.

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In case you haven't seen this site already, there's a little on George Gaby here:


I haven't heard of the occupation tennis marker either. Someone who sets out/marks the lines of a tennis court? Couldn't see enough demand for a job like that though.

This seems to be his RMLI service record (same birth date as given in his RN record):




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Hi Martin,

Tennis Marker, seems like it is just someone who marks out the lines on a Tennis court. I'm guilty as charged re the Chatham site, as that was me that wrote those notes on the crews for E1 & E8, they were however a long way from being finished and have since expanded and improved since. So that is me that supplied the Gaby items for them. He is of interest to me in that he was killed when he did a pier jump to replace my great grandfather.

Yes that is him on the Nat Archives, so thank you very much for that, for some reason i couldn't find it. I'm guessing he went to the RN on it's start up of the Telegraphist's Branch.

Thanks for that Martin,


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If he took the Marconi examinations, his results should be held at the Merseyside Maritime Museum.

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