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English Soldiers Executed

Guest Herr

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Hello all

I remember a documentary about I believe 3 English soldiers being executed by their own comrades because they had trenchfoot or some ridicolous reason like that on a Flemish graveyard.

I do wonder what the whole story was.

Also does anyone know where I can look through an online database of Belgian soldiers names ?




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Probably didn't happen. Can't recall anything like that in one of the Shot at Dawn books. Trenchfoot was a courtmartial offence but death penalty?

Executions always took place by 'comerades' unless you were caught as a British soldier hinding behind German lines in civy clothes, then it was the Germans that shot you.



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yes it was a documentary on TV , these young soldiers being executed on a Flemish graveyard for desertion.

Also read somewhere that during a period of time it was actually illegal to have trenchfoot among the British.

I only remember bits and pieces of it as I choose medical WWI as my end project in High School.

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