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Scottish Soldier in A&SH and Camerons


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G'day all

My first post here

I am researching my Grandfather but haven't got far as I am in Australia

What I do have is the front page of MIC WO/372/1 from National Archives

Dugald Bannatyne

It says that he was A/cpl A&SH No 1677 as well as A/cpl Camerons 220035

Two regiments? It is possible that being from Campbeltown, Argyll, that he went else where to join up under age

as everyone there would have know his true age or may have been related to him

When did he join and which regiment first/second. Where did he serve?

He never wore short trousers as he had terrible mud scars on his legs from being in the trenches

I do not have his birth date nor year of death (late 1960's in Glasgow)

I was once told by a relation that he died due to a form of lung cancer, he had been gassed during the war!

He served in the Territorials, with WW11 service as well ending up as RSM 8th Bn A&SH

The MIC says see EM(T) card but this is not available on line

I have not seen his medals in a very long time nor can find where they went

Trying to remember what he had, Star? Victory, War medal, Defence and BWM, TEM GV, EM GVI with bar and '37 Coronation medal

I am unsure of which star he had/if he had one but the other two had his 1677 A.SH on them as his WW11 medals had his 2968983 A&SH on them

I have down loaded the SAR form and will send this away and see if I can get any more service info on him re WW11

What about Territorial Army, do they have records?

Any help in would be greatly appreciated


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G'day Jock

Welcome to the Forum mate, your Grandad's record or what's left of it actually exists, he enlisted aged 17 (the TF age took boys down to 14) with the Territorials in March,1914.His address was given as 56 Kirk Street, Campbelltown and his next of kin was his mum Margaret Bannatyne of the same address. He served at home until July,1917 when he went to France where he served until March,1919 , he was discharged to the reserve where he remained for another year. Unfortunately thats it mate, very , very limited record with no metion of being gassed etc. His service was given as 6 years and 21 days. At least now you know he was born 1896/7 , hope this assists. I will send you the images if you PM with and email address

Edit he was 1/8th Argyll's as Malcolm suggested, then 6th Cameron Highlanders prior to him going to France.

John (but like you I get called Jock)

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Many thanks to you John for the information sent through

I sure opens up a can of worms for finding out more about my Grandfather


Ne Obliviscaris

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