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10th bn Argyll Sutherland Highlanders


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Hi I am trying to trace Private Malcolm Paul s/n s4862 10th bn Argylls. Date of death is the 12/10/1917. I would like to know where he was born where he enlisted. where he was killed and any others details, if he was married thanking you all the best yours Inniskilling :blush: .

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Malcolm Paul 10th Argyll&Sutherland Highlanders--Born -Paisley, enlisted Paisley.

Died 12/10/1917

Wesley Wright

Poelcappele Cemetery

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His Battalion (in 26 Brigade of 9 (Scottish) Division) was at the first Battle of Passchendaele,hence his burial in Poelcapelle Cemetery on 12 Oct 1917,the date that battle began. In the book "Passchendaele-the untold story" by Prior and Wilson there is a page on the battle concerning the 9th Division (of XVIII Corps).

Briefly,9th Div were part of an attack set to advance up to 2500 yards to the objective of Passchendaele village and a ridge to it's north. Abysmal weather,inadequate artillery preparation and support meant that enemy strongpoints and wire were left insufficiently damaged,also counter fire against enemy artillery was ineffective which allowed them to intensify fire against the attack once it started,inflicting heavy casualties.As if that wasn't enough the mud and continuous rain,gas and conventional shelling made it even more difficult to advance. What little advance was made should have been supported by a creeping barrage but this too failed,leaving the next hazard to be faced,massed machine gun fire cut more men down. At the end a total of 13000 men had become casualties for no appreciable gain.

You should try to get this book,mine is borrowed from the Library,you need to read it to believe it.

Best wishes


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