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Hello all,

My Grandfather's Medal Card for the Military Medal under "Date of Gazette" says "P of W G 30.1.20"

I assume this would be the date it is mentioned in the London Gazette. Anyone with ideas on how I should search?

Thank you,


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This is the Gazette issue:


The awards relate to service or bravery (sometimes in escaping) whilst prisoners of war.

Private Wood's M.M. is specifically under a heading of awards for escaping:


6894 Sjt. (A.-/Q.M. Sjt.) Crockett J., 1st Bn. (Gosport).

7539 Pte. Coombs, F. T., 2nd Bn. (Salisbury).

8143 Pte. Midwinter, W... 2nd Bn. (Swindon).

7303 Pte. Wiltshire, W. J., 1st Bn. (Rugby)

11376 Pte. Wood, H. G., 2nd Bn. (Westminster).


The heading several pages earlier:

"War Office,

30th January, 1920.

His Majesty the KING has been graciously pleased to.approve of the undermentioned rewards in recognition of gallant conduct and determination displayed in escaping or attfempting to escape from captivity, which services nave been brought to notice in accordance with the terms of Army Order 193 of 1919. To be dated 5th May, 1919", unless otherwise stated"


And look who is further down the page... :)


379 Pte. Johnstone, W. 2nd Bn. (Aughenlochan).


I don't know about you but I would conclude that the M.M. was awarded to both men for their joint escape... :D


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Thank you so much Steve.

My Grandfather had escaped twice . It was this second escape with Woods that was successful. Like so many other WW1 Vets my grandfather rarely talked of his experiences and never to a female so my Mum ( his daughter)knew very little. He did talk to my father ( who has since passed away) On this second attempt Woods and my grandfather had to cross into Switzerland by swimming a stream, lake or what have you. Woods either didn't know how to swim or could't due to injuries and my grandfather got him across dispite his own injuries.

2 questions Steve.

1 How did you know when I made my rather vague post I was searhing for Johnstone & Woods?

2 How did you find the items in the gazette?

I have been trying on and off for about 2 years now and just today found the suppliments. I had searched 23rd Jan 1920 Gazette 31751-31754 and 30th Jan 1920 Gazette 31761-31764 ( As you can see I was all about it. :blush: )

Thank you again :D


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It never ceases to amaze me what results Steve gets!

Thanks for the fascinating story Heather.

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Psychic powers, Heather...

Or the view previous posts option from your profile....

As for the search, I knew that the Gazette you were referring to was the "Escapers Gazette", so I searched fro the word prisoners within the January 1920 period.


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Hi Steve,

As soon as I posted that last night I realized you had probably done just that and back tracked my posts. As for the other I had been searching for the P of W gazette for hours and used all sorts of words in the search. I will just have to take my hat of to you.

Kudos and thanks again Steve.

So what do I look for next. Any ideas. I have Medal index cards 2 and POW interviews ( Both William Johnstone and Harry George Wood) and now the Gazette. Will the medal index card lead me to the medal rolls and what would I expect to find there.

Dispite so many William Johnstone's records released on ancestry so far I have not been lucky enough to find my grandfather. ( considering they have less than 2 million records for over 7 million men and women who served I am not surprised)


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