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7th East Surreys - 10 November 1916


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Can anyone tell me the location of the 7th East Surreys on 10 November 1916 - and, better yet, what they were doing? Their war diary for this period is missing.

I know men died of wounds in Humbercamps and Warlincourt Halte, so I presume they were somewhere in the Mercatel - Bucquoy area.

If anyone has the 12th Division history, or any details of 37th Brigade, that would help.

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Hi Chris

Sorry that the following is negative but I looked up the 12th Division History and it reads "On the 7th of November Brig-General A Solly Flood left the 35th Brigade in order to assume command of the Third Army school, and Lieut-Colonel G.A. Trent, 5th Northamptonshire Regiment, took over the brigade temporarily. On the 8th instance about fifteen of the enemy raided the 37th Brigade front and reached the wire where they were fired at, a wounded prisoner remained in our hands".

The next piece makes reference to events on the 13th of November and the use of gas by the 37th Brigade which drew fire from the enemy.

I looked up the period in the book by R.S.H. Moody about the Buffs to see what was happening to the 6th Battalion, also the book by C.T. Atkinson on the Royal West Kent Regiment to check their 6th Battalion,likewise the book by H.C.Wylly to see if his book on the Queens showed what 6th Battalion were engaged for the period to cover 10/11/16 but to no avail, as you know a lot of Battalions in a Brigade during WW1 lived, fought & died on most occasions side by side, as the three Battalions made up 37th Brigade I had hoped they could shed some light on your quest, as is often the case when you need to find out something, my East Surrey books by Colonel Pearse & Brigadier Sloman I have lent to someone who I have tried to contact after seeing your request today, but so far have been unable to do so.

If of help the 12th Division had it`s H.Q. at Warlus on the return from the Somme, 6th Buffs were at Beaumertz and 6th RWK around Wailly, as such I think that there is a good chance that 7th East Surrey were near Arras on the day you want to find out about, but as you know it does not always follow that the various Battalions forming a Brigade were at all times in each others pockets, this might be one of those occasions!

Needless to say I am genuinely sorry to have been unable to come up with a positive result for you, as a new recruit to the Forum please accept my thanks for such a superb site, donation for same to follow.


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