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I will be there. Have been sharpenening my pencils for weeks.

see ya there.


Recognition sign?

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Went to this day seminar and met Richard (Greenwoodman) and it was a pleasure. He had on his black t-shirt with appropriate insignia, and ironically he sat one seat behind me, must be something in the aura that makes us Pals congregate together even when we do not know each other.

If anyone gets a chance in the future to go to one of these day seminars then grab it. I had a great time and learnt much to help me understand command and control better and also what made the men who led tick alittle. There was four good speakers all different yet all good in their own way. One chap i spoke to could have been a closet Pal, as every question i asked him he had a detailed answer to, mind you he was an IWM records chap.

Even forgave Richard when he advised me not to get to pally with Martin and Kate when I explained we were members of the same WFA, he kindly pointed out that they were Saints supporters and to be avoided!! A small alerting cough and a drop in accent left him aware of my origins.!!! Afterall the only Sale i know is the one that Next have every year on the 27th december. :lol:

great day and another Pal met.


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