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Remembered Today:

WW1 books on cds


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I've never heard of this site, but I checked it and there are a couple of items of interest to me, so I too would be interested in knowing if anyone has used them before.

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These look like scanned fascimilies of 'The Great War / The World Today' , 'The Illustrated War News' or 'The War Illustrated'

There is nothing wrong with buying a scanned CD Rom version if its what you require. Depending where you buy them depends on the price.

Check out this site for example for all of 'The Great War'


and http://www.archivebritain.com/index.htm

http://www.ukdigitalmedia.com/store/ is also useful


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I have ordered 2 CD's and will let you know when they arrive and the quality.

The cds are:

The Regiments in the Great War CD

WW1 Railways CD


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I look forward to your comments.

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CD's arrived today. Certainly no problem with delivery service. Both CD's are as advertised. Plain labelling on CD.

Railways of WW1. This cd is scanned pages from 161- 200 (Chapter C) of the Times History of the War. I have a original Vol V copy of the Times History of the War and it is not from that and could not ascertain which Volume it was from. There are 40 scanned pages in jpeg format. Quality is good.

WW1 British Regiments. This cd is scanned excerpts from many original The War Illustrated and comprises 51 scanned pages in jpeg format and quality is dependant on the originals but is fairly good. Each page is from a different regiment.

My Views? Well considering the price was 10 pounds each for airmailing anywhere in the world, I would have to say that 5 pounds each would be a better price. I say that because I didn't get a discount for 2 and they arrived packaged together.

Value for money? again depends on what you are looking for but if you want copies of documents that you dont have and to buy the originals is fairly costly, I would say that the value is OK.

The only problem is that you dont really know what is on each cd and where the information comes from so it could be a case of buyer beware.

I am happy with the purchase but I dont think I will be buying anymore.

Peter ;)

Oh, PS. The senders address on the package is in Exeter, UK so if you live in the UK, the price might be a bit steep.

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Swings and roundabouts then? Thanks for the comments Peter.

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Thanks, Peter.

Think I'll go to the Reference Library.


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