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Connaught Ranger Kia Gallipoli Jan 1915 ?


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I came across the details of the following man:

Corporal (or A/Clp) Herbert Illingworth, 5/Connaught Rangers.

Soldiers Died (paper copy) and CWGC have his date of death as 21/1/1915. Soldiers died shows:killed in action, Gallipoli. And the CWGC has him apparently listed on the Helles Memorial.

I'm having difficultly grasping this due to the battalion not arriving on the penisular until August 1915 and being shipped to Salonkia well before the final evacuation.

When I first came across the date of death I thought it was a misprint but as both sources agree I am now a little confused. I have identified two other members of the battalion who died in January 1915, but both are buried in Ireland (they presumably died during training).

Is it possible that the chap was killed on AUGUST 21st 1915 ( a nasty day for the Rangers) and somehow both SD and the CWGC have incorrect ? Or am I missing something obvious ?

Any insight would be appreciated.


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Since British troops did not land on Gallipoli until April 1915, both SD and CWGC are clearly incorrect. I am sure that it is a misprint and that you may well be right that it should read 21/8/15. May well be worth raising this with the CWGC.


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