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619 MT Coy ASC


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One of my Great Uncle's service papers survived blitz and reveal he joined 11th Royal Sussex as no 85, then deserted in Oct 1915 to join the ASC in Nov 1915. He was posted to 619 Motor Transport Coy ASC in Salonika. Can anyone give more details of this unit. I note tit does not appear on chris' Lon Long Trail list of MT units. Anyone help?

Army finally caught up with him in 1920 after his discharge, although appear to have forgiven and forgotten with no follow-up for desertion 5 years earlier. Was this typical for such events?



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Hello doc

619 MT Company ASC was one of several Auxiliary (Petrol) Cos ASC companies with the British Salonika Army. It was also known as 94th Auxiliary MT Company and had formerly been 22nd Division's Supply Column. In the latter capacity it carried supplies from the base (or a forward railhead) to the divisional area, where they were handed over to the Divisional Train, a horse-transport unit.

Its War Diary at Kew is in file WO95/4811.

There was a general amnesty for deserters at the end of the War but the fact that he rejoined another unit would probably have saved him from a severe sentence, or even from a conviction, for desertion. Joining another unit was prima-facie evidence that you did not intend to leave the Army permanently.


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Many thanks. I've just worked out from dates on his ASC and Sussex papers that he had a week leave from 25 Oct 1915 in the Royal Sussex. By 29 had reported to ASC recruitment and was enlisted on 1st nov. So definately after a transfer rather than leaving the army. Later correspondence from Royal Sussex to next of kin has reponse that he wanted to re-enlist as driver as this was pre war occupation


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