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hi all

the GWS are making a visit to harry patch after we found his great nethew was living in gosport and never knew harry patch was alive ,so 14 Tommies are making a visit to see harry patch aswell as anyone else in the home.

IF anyone would like to send anything to mr patch i would be happy to give him them on behalf of the GWF.


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Hi Trenchwalker,

Harry is a cracking bloke, I have met him a couple of times. He is a good mate of one of my friends. He was a Lewis Gunner from memory.

Give him my best regards, though I don't suppose he'll remember me. He must have met hundreds of people.

All the best,


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I'm not sure if you have seen him yet. I saw him talk at the Bath Literary Festival last year (Forgotten Voices was the book).

He has a tremendously good memory of events - even though his own experiences at the front seemed very short (and horrific) they have obviously had a very profound effect on him.


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Hey Martin,

Take it you've not been to see Harry yet as there has been no update from you regarding it.

Give him a huge hug from all us girlies on the site (No, you HAVE to, I don't want to hear any grizzeling ..... OK??)

Have a great time - enjoy your visit and the chance to chat with a vet'.


*who is quite jealous*

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next weekend on saturday i shall meet him. dont worry there will be plenty of photos.

as for a hug i'll get helen me gf to do it. it'll look better.

if anyone want to send him anything please do.

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  • 3 weeks later...

well sorry i have been away for sometime but last saturday my self and 11 other tommies made our way to somerset to meet harry patch i should have some photos soon . but mr patch loved it and we have made him a honoury member of the gws.

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What a brilliant opportunity. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos, Martin.

What did you talk about? What did he tell you about?

And the hugs...? did you... ? Go on, we won't tell anyone.

Gwyn :)

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my gf hugged him

we talked about the 3 months in the line also the fact im a number 2 on the lewis and 17 we had alot in common we talk about his shrapnel wound. i didnt know really what to say i was in a stake of shock that i have met someone who was there.

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I used to know an old WW1 veteran who died at the age of 96 in 1992 (when I was fifteen).

He had joined the Royal Navy in 1912 and saw service at Heligoland Bight (among others) during WW1; in WW2 he was at Cape Matapan aboard an aircraft carrier; and c.1942 he was sent back to UK (home service) after being mugged in Alexandria.

He was a great bloke; could still recall his service with great accuracy but some events - such as the chap next to him being sliced in two by shrapnel - naturally still remained with him; he still told risque jokes and well into his 90s he hid from his wife to have a quick smoke on their front porch.

They had no children so I inherited his medals (eight campaign and LSGC), which I intend to get mounted and properly displayed some day.


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