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Best description of German Artillery Pieces?


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Can anyone recommend good books or diagrams on the actual mechanics/workings/size of German artillery pieces?

Particularly after details of:

L/12 42cm Type M – Gerat, ("Big Bertha")

and the 21cm Morser 10”, or 210mm mobile mortar.



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Hi Andrew. I too have the same question. I recently bought Herbert Jager's "German Artillery of World War One." Touted as the best recent book on German artillery, it is filled with useful information, but is short on technical details. I hope to be going to the US Ordnance Museum at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in the near future to peruse their small archive in search of anything thy may have about the M model 42cm howitzer that was once in their possession. If I find anything of note, I will post it here. Regards, Marc

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Big Bertha - Russian detective - First World War - YouTube Video

Heavy howitzer "Big Bertha" in action. This episode from the Russian historical detective miniseries."The Fall of the Empire" (Gibel imperii) (2005) (mini) Directed by Vladimir Khotinenko. This movie about fight of Military Counterintelligence of Russian empire against the German espionage during the First World War. [CEF Study Group - Oct 2010]


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