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2/Lt Harold Gerhardi, 47 Squadron RAF


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I have a copy of Harold Gerhardi's service record, and mentions of him in 47 Squadron history and daily returns. He joined the squadron on 3 August 1918 and was shot down over Salonika on 18 September 1918.

But I can find nothing Air Force List (he was Gazetted in August 1918). The campaign medals index also has nothing. I can't find him in the Times Digital Archive, either.

Harold was from South Africa, and his service record suggests he transferred to the RAF from an artillery unit.

Any thoughts, RAF experts, on why he is not in the Air Force List? Is there anywhere else I ought to be looking for details of a South African in the 1918 RAF?

(As an aside, he is mentioned in the book “Over the Balkans and South Russia” written by H. A. Jones MC in 1924)

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Forgive me.........but you said "RAF List".........infering you have only looked in one list. Is one to assume you have consulted both the August and October RAF Lists?

It is rare, but sometimes casualties from the previous month are carried over into the next list.

You must consult the South African archives who should hold his artillery service papers.

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Chris, the fact that your man was from South Africa I believe makes no difference. I have also researched a South African 2/LT RAF died October 1918, he is listed in the December 1918 RAF List.

Sorry I cannot tell you why your man was over looked because it makes little sense from my own previous research of a similar case.

I see he was shot down in flames according to accounts.....poor chap.

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