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St Patrick's Hospital, Malta


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Hi Guys

Anybody know anything about this hospital, possibly known as 45 General Hospital.

One of my Wheldrake lads, serving in Salonika, seems to have been sent here

It might have been a tented hospital but I cant find out much about it

Searched the long, long trail and it doesnt come up with anything

Grateful for any info


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Google found a mention of St. Patrick's Hospital as having been the 45th GH in 1943. An article about the Royal Marines said there was a St. Patrick's Barracks in Malta, so the hospital may have been on that installation.

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From the Gallipolian, Spring 2006:

St. Patrick's Hospital: The hospital, located on terraced land in the centre of the island, opened 15th August 1915, with 1,000 beds (54 were added in October).

I've also got a rather longer description of the hospital from a publication called 'Military Hospitals in Malta during the War'. I have it scanned, and if you email me (link on my profile) I'll send you a copy of the couple of pages which refer to the hospital.


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Thanks Pete!


Thanks for the info on St Patricks, I have a chap who travelled there from Salonica

Seriously ill in Salonica, I dont know anything more than that at the moment, next job has to be finding out what was going on in Salonica at the time

Just had a look at Scarletfinders, very interesting website!


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Click here for a thread on books about Malta during the war. One cited by Wayne Saillard and Charles Fair, Malta: The Nurse of the Mediterranean by Rev. A.G. MacKinnon, describes St. Patrick's Camp as having been a tent city type of convalescent camp. The date of publication was 1916 so St. Patrick's may have evolved into something more substantial later in the war. The following on casualties there from Gallipoli is from the book:

We drew up at St. Patrick's Camp. The

first Argyll I found was Kemp, who was

quickly recovering from his encounter with

a Turkish " coalbox." He offered to be my

guide in my search for the other Argylls,

and was of great assistance. In tent H 3 I

found also M 'Leod, who seemed in the best

of spirits despite the bullet wound in his

arm. How brave our boys are ! Next I

spoke to Donelly, M'Gilvray, and Leimon,

about whom their friends need have no

anxiety. All seemed glad to see me, and

the few Telegraphs I had soon disappeared.

Then we crossed over to another row of

tents, and I had a nice chat with Richard

Hamilton, who was lying in bed. He is

doing well, though somewhat weak. He

had been buried in earth by a shell. From

there we crossed over to visit Gray, who

is able to go about. Then we walked to

the very top of the camp and found M 'Cart-

ney and N. Adam. The former, who was

a chum of David M'Dougall in the trenches,

had been told that I would be sure to look

him up when he arrived in Malta, so he

was expecting me, and I am glad that I

acted up to expectations. After a little

search we discovered I. Robertson, who

is moving about, and at last Simpson, who

has been flitting from one tent to another.

His eye is getting quickly better. So with

regard to the Argylls at St. Patrick's I can

give a good report. Kemp accompanied

me back to my car, carrying my bag, which

was now nearly emptied of its contents,

and I started with a farewell wave to H 3,

where the Argylls were standing.

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  • 8 years later...

New major photo album  with many named photos at St Patrick's posted to http://agiusww1.com/mary-muscat-2/     .   Enjoy!


btw  St Patrick's Hospital was fully dismantled in April 1917 and not a trace of it is left .  (I've been looking!)   Not to be confused with the later St Patrick's Barracks built in the 1930s and in a different place  (Pembroke area of Malta).

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