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Help with Identification please


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My brother in South Africa was going through some of my late Dad's old stuff and found these two copper lights. He took them to a militaria dealer in Cape Town who told him they are DC powered trench lights from the Great War. He has sent them to me as I am the only militaria coillector in the family.

They are both copper and as you can see the apertures are shielded. The power plugs are typical DC.

There are copper hooks on the bases. The bottoms are stamped

Lamp Inspection Mark ii



The opposite side on the base is marked

"Ref. No 5c/369

Commercial Pattern

There is a barely discernable XE 8 within a circle between the two above marks

Anybody ever come across these?

To keep the file small I have not enlarged the pics. If you enlarge you can clearly see the markings on the base.




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No idea about these except that they are unlikely to be Great war - AM stands for Air Ministry, common on WW2 RAF kit



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Thanks Peter. Seems to make sense. The lights are old but not that old. The DC plugs are definitely not 1914 vintage.

Another consultant has verified these as being WW2 RAF vintage. Probably used by navigators at night with red lights.

Thanks for the help here.


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