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KOYLI questions


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I`m trying to research my Grandads service with the KOYLI, but it keeps throwing up more questions than answers !. Anyway, wonder if anyone can tell me anything about the 7th (Service) Battalion. I see from the Long, Long Trail that it was part of the New Armies, but the section on the New Armies does`nt appear to be working. I`m a bit puzzled as I have a copy of "Saturday Soldiers-The Territorial Battalions of the KOYLI", but this only mentions the 1/4th, 2/4th, 1/5th & 2/5th. Were the New Armies not classed as TF forces. I`m probably being a bit thick here, no doubt missed something while looking through the LLT too, but if anyone could clarify this I`d be most grateful !.

Next question, I know my Grandad turned 18 in 1916. The medal roll shows that he was first in the 2/5th, then the 7th (Service) & finally the 2/4th. I have some recollection of him talking about serving a short while in Northern Ireland, but can`t see any references anywhere to either the 2/5th or 2/4th having been there. I don`t know when exactly he was de-mobbed, but it won`t have been long after the war. Can anyone shed any light on this ?.

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The 7th Bn KOYLI was formed in Pontefract on 12th September 1914 as part of K2 (Kitchener's second 100,000 volunteers) and so not a unit of the Teritorial Force. The battalion became part of the 61st Bde of the 20th (Light) Division which was formed at Aldershot the same month, the battalion arrived overseas with the division during July 1915 and remained with them until the Armistice.

The only KOYLI battalion in Ireland that I can see during the war years is the 1st (Reserve) Garrison Bn which arrived in Berehaven Co. Cork around May 1918.


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