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Women workers and the war

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found these

Women in the engineering trades : a problem, a solution, and some criticisms; being a report based on an enquiry by a Joint Committee of the Fabian Research Department and the Fabian Women's Group (1917)

A report on the causes of wastage of labour in munitions factories employing women (1918]

Munition lasses, six months as principal overlooker in danger buildings (1917) by AK Foxwell

The woman's part: a record of munitions work (1918) by LK Yates

Women as munition makers : a study of conditions in Bridgeport, Connecticut by Amy Hewes. Munition Workers in England and France by Henrietta R Walter. (1917)

Women's war work: HMSO (1916)

Women war workers; accounts contributed by representative workers of the work done by women in the more important branches of war employment by Gilbert Stone (1917)

Women's work on the land by GA Greig (1916)

Women and war work by Helen Fraser (1918)

Women of the war by Barbara McLaren (1917)

Mobilizing woman-power by Harriot Stanton Blatch (1918)

Woman in the war, a bibliography by Marion R Nimms, Women's Committe, Council of National Defense, Washington (1918)

The Woman's committee : United States Council of national defence: an interpretative report: April 21, 1917, to February 27, 1919 (1920)

Women in industry in Minnesota in 1918. Field investigation carried on by Women in industry committee, Council of national defence, and Bureau of women and children (1920])

Women wanted : the story written in blood red letters on the horizon of the Great World War by Mabel Potter Daggett (1918)

American women and the world war by Ida Clyde Gallagher Clarke,(1918)



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Really interesting links! Thanks for posting,


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