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2nd Light Operating Railway Coy, R.E.

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I am researching my great uncle Joseph Frederick Bilton, who was a Pioneer and then a Sapper on the L.O.R. I recently discovered that he was awarded the Miltary Medal gazetted July 1918. The family didn't know about the medal, possibly because he died in March 1919, before the war ended officially. I've been to the PRO and seen the War Diary, but it doesn't start until after July, and I understand these entries take months to work through. The war diary does show a lot of men coming and going from hospital and being demobbed - could this be for checkups before being demobbed, or the flu epidemic, which is rarely mentioned. If Uncle Fred had died in a war-related way, surely this would have been mentioned, as fighting had stopped. I know information on these men is scarce, but he must have done something outstanding to get the MM.

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