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gas used in october 1918


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Goood evening,

Rather new in this matter.

I'm doing some research about the liberation of my village Gulleghem (incl hamlet Salines) in october 1918 (battle of Courtrai).

In some of the war diaries of the involvolved battalions they mention "batt being shelled with gas", "casualties (gassed):2...", "shelled with gas, sneezing variety....."

In villages nearby a lot of civilians died of gas.

What kind of gas was used those days by the Germans ? Was the 'sneezing variety' as horoble as the mostard gas ?



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If sneezing gas was being used then it was probably in conjunction with one of the toxic ones. The sneezing powder was to make men remove their masks and the toxic to kill them. Mustard gas, more like a liquid than a gas although it could be like an aerosol, was unique in that it could incapacitate by contact as well as by breathing and could linger for hours and even days if conditions were right.

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