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Lt Montagu Evans MC - RFA


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perhaps someone has some further information to confirm (or otherwise) that these are the same men, my primary interest being to identify an unknown '2Lt Evans' who was in 36th Brigade RFA in 1917?

I have some information on a 2Lt (later Lt 7/1/1918) Montagu(e) Evans, commissioned July 1916 and went to France the same month (from MIC) - the London Gazette in Sept 1917 (LG30308) records he won an MC in an undated action (and jan 1918 for the citation LG30466), mentioning he was wounded in the MC action. I have no other information on his later war service apart from his promotion date ..

I don't know his unit but am wondering if he may be an unidentified 2Lt Evans who was serving with 48th Bty (36th Bde RFA) when wounded 11 May 1917 ?.. no other mention of a 2Lt Evans in 36th Bde diary ............. the dates would generally fit, (although some other MC awards for May 1917 appeared in earlier gazettes)

any assistance welcome .. as he is looking the best bet so far for this particular unidentified officer in 36th Bde.


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