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I am trying to find out information on the battle at Sebourg on or around the 4th November 1918.

My Great Great Uncle John Allen Taylor was killed by a sniper and I cannot find any information in books regarding this attack...Help!

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Sebourg is a small town on the River l'Aunelle east of Valenciennes near the French/Belgian border. On the 4th Nov. 1918 the 11th Division with the 56th Division on its left advanced to the river, the 56th Div occupied the town and both divs had crossed the river by 08:00 to the higher ground. Enemy artillery and machine gun fire halted the advance and the rest of the day was spent digging in and under artillery and sniper fire.

Hope this helps.


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Very interesting reading everyone's replies. Just started to research my 3 Great Uncles (all killed during WW1, two in Norfolk Regt the third in Norfolk Regt then KIA whilst in MGC on 1/7/16). One, John Bean, was in 1st Bn Norfolk Regiment.

Secondary research now taking over my life is WW1 Norfolk employees of Post Office, especially those who were KIA. Anyway, if anyone can supply any useful stuff on the chaps below, particularly where they might have been when killed I would be very grateful. I have the usual CWG / Soldiers Died stuff on their burials etc.

John Bean Private 14014 1st Bn Norfolk Regiment - KIA 31/5/15

Charles Barrows (also named as Burrows / Burroughs in different places)

A/Sgt 7215 1st Bn Norfolk Regiment - Reported KIA 25/10/14

Herbert James Smith Sgt 7130 1st Bn Norfolk Regiment - KIA at Longueval 27/7/16

Sidney Farrow Private 43192 1st Bn Norfolk Regiment - KIA 23/4/17

Mant thanks Bob

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